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Congratulations! If you have landed on this webpage, it shows us your willingness to explore the world of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. This 5-day nationwide Data Science Foundation Workshop has been designed with the intent to impart IMPACTFUL learning that helps you explore and experience Data Science in a structured manner. For laying a strong foundation of the concepts in Data Science, register for our 5-day workshop TODAY!

Have you ever been curious about,

  • Self- driving cars
  • Customised Chatbots
  • Amazon and Netflix recommendation Systems

If you are interested in learning & implementing innovative projects, this course is the ideal destination for you. The course comprises all the insights required for building a career of your dreams in Data Science.

Starts from May 23 - 27, 2022 @ 8 PM to 9 PM


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Course Structure

Course Structure

Day - 1

Introduction To Artificial Intelligence & Understanding The Jargons Of Artificial Intelligence

Day - 2

Introduction To Machine Learning & Exploring Real-World Applications Of ML & AI

Day - 3

Solving End-To-End Prediction Problems & Understanding The Framework To Solve Any ML Problem

Day - 4

Coding ML Solution For Regression, Classification Problems & Looking At Various Practical Case Studies

Day - 5

Working On Image Data, Formulating & Implementing ML Solution On The Image Data


Used Car Price Prediction

Cancer Prediction

Handwritten - Digit Recognizer

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Course Price

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Innominions Speak

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